Wrongful Death Claims in Florida are governed by the Florida Wrongful Death Act, Florida Statute 786.16. These claims arise when the negligence or wrongful acts of one person or entity causes the death of another. The Wrongful Death Act allows for the individuals who relied upon the deceased for monetary, emotional, and structural support to bring a claim against the negligent party to seek damages. The spouse, parents, and/or children have the ability to file suit to recover for their losses.

The attorneys at Mowrey Law Firm can assist you in understanding the laws that apply to potential wrongful death claims. When families are dealing with the loss of a loved one, the attorneys at Mowrey Law Firm are here to help you through these difficult times.


Medical Malpractice is defined as the improper, unskilled, or negligent treatment of a patient by a physician, dentist, nurse, pharmacist, or other health care professional. A person who alleges negligent medical malpractice must prove four elements: (1) a duty of care was owed by the physician; (2) the physician violated the applicable standard of care; (3) the person suffered a compensable injury; and (4) the injury was caused in fact and proximately caused by the substandard conduct. The burden of proving these elements is on the plaintiff in a malpractice lawsuit. Medical Malpractice claims can arise from many situations such as: Hospital negligence, doctor negligence, improper surgery, negligent surgery, fatigued medical professionals, birthing injuries or improper communication.

Pursuant to Florida law, there are very specific requirements in order to pursue a Medical Malpractice claim. If these requirements are not completed in a timely fashion, your claim may be forever barred. At Mowrey Law Firm we have the resources and relationships with all the necessary parties to properly review, evaluate and handle medical malpractice claims.

You have 2 years to file a lawsuit on a medical malpractice claim.