Personal Injury & Civil Litigation Case Results


Trucking Crash

Semi-Truck violated industry standards causing a crash with our client suffering multiple fractures and numerous surgeries.

Civil Litigation

Client sued by former employer for alleged theft. We counter sued for mental abuse for her pain and suffering and failure to pay for past wages owed and prevailed.

Wrongful Death

Client killed by a drunk driver.

Automobile Crash

Our client was t-boned from a car running a stop sign by a Corporate Defendant causing her vehicle to flip and suffering serious injury

Trucking Crash

Semi-Truck rear ended our client breaking her wrist and injuring her neck and back.

Automobile Crash

Client run off the road by a distracted driver causing a head on collision. Client suffered serious injuries and had to have numerous surgeries.

Automobile Crash

Client was out of State and was in a crash while passenger in a rental car causing serious injuries.

Trucking Crash

Client pushed off the road by a Semi-Truck causing her vehicle to crash into an embankment.

Automobile Crash

Our client was side swiped by an uninsured motorist. Client’s own insurance paid the policy limits due to her injuries.

Automobile Crash

Client rear ended by a distracted driver causing serious and permanent cervical injuries.

Auto – Pedestrian Crash

Our client was struck in a cross walk by a vehicle that ran a red light while distracted driving. Client suffered a serious head injury.

Automobile Crash

Our client was hit head on by a distracted driver causing neck and back injuries.

Dog Attack

Our client was attacked by two dogs off their leash knocking her down causing a tear in her shoulder requiring surgery.

Automobile Crash

Client hit by a drunk driver causing serious injuries to her neck and back.

Dog Bite

Client was attacked and bitten numerous times by a vicious dog causing permanent scarring.

Automobile Crash

Passenger in vehicle hit by a drunk driver causing a shoulder injury that required surgery.

Motorcycle Crash

Client was a passenger on a motorcycle and was throw off causing a broken arm.