Testimonials & Reviews

We’ve had the pleasure of working with both Ron and Dan Mowrey for years.

With expertise in Civil, Corporate and Charitable endeavors, their breadth and depth of experience is top notch. Their dedication to the end result and focus on moving the ball has worked extremely well. We can heartily recommend the Mowrey Law Firm for your next engagement.

– Allan F.
Mr. Mowrey represented me involving an auto accident. He never made empty promises.

Always spoke the truth, I believe he genuinely cares about all of his clients, it’s not just another case with Mr. Mowrey. I LOVE the bow tie! Awesome Attorney!! His staff is polite, knowledgeable & helpful.

– Marilyn
I have the utmost respect for Dan and his staff he surrounds himself with. Highly recommended and trusted.

After being in business for many years in the service industry and unfortunately having some differences come up in the course of day to day business it is very hard to find someone like Dan Mowrey. When you become a client you are not just treated a client, he gets to know you personally and will not only tell you things you want to hear to lead you on to get your retainer, take your case and then disappoint you at the end. I have used Dan Mowrey for many different types of situations as he has always been upfront and told it like it was.

– Steven G.
I have been a client of Dan’s for years and he’s always provided me with good council in good and bad times.

He’s helped me with personal and business issues and done it all with class. You should trust him with your legal needs.

– Stephen
Daniel is goal oriented and is therefore is doing a great job for me just as he is determined to do a great job for every client.

This is my own experience. Additionally, I have observed him with other clients and unavoidably heard their brief conversations in his reception area all of which indicates to me his desire to serve each client to the best of his ability. Dan is observant, listens carefully and is determined to represent each client —whether that be me or you, in the way which will best promote my own/your case. Daniel has been “up front” with all facts concerning my case this includes giving me needed feedback regarding my case’s outlook. He also is mindful of my own words and demeanor, both of which I appreciate as I consider each to be essential to the positive resolution of my own / your own case. He is respectful and kind to all, which is essential to me, as he represents me/you-his client. Dan is Civic minded. He works with Young Life. This organization provides a place for the youth of our community to meet and enjoy one another while helping them to establish moral values. Additionally, he sets up and operates football camps from time to time as he is able, in order to give additional opportunity to learn technique, to aspiring young football players. Equally importantly, he is respectful and kind to those less fortunate than himself and respectful, gentle and loving toward the elderly. I have observed this as I have seen him in various situations. Named are only a few examples of his gifts to his community. He personally is a sportsman and practices good sportsmanship as a way of life. This includes his legal representation. Dan is a devoted Dad and calls his wife of more than a few years, his Bride! Each of these facts speaks volumes to me about his character. Dan has been very alert to possibilities for furthering my case. This has included most especially his relationships with everyone with whom a lawyer must be connected in both our Saint John’s County Courthouse, and his other day to day work. This is regardless of a person’s position. Also, he has the gift of establishing immediate connections with potential witnesses. For instance, it is my observation that this causes the witness to feel at ease and thus talk to him freely. Daniel also sees the potential ramifications of facts. In my case he was able to ferret out numbers from a witness that proved invaluable in proving relevant facts supporting the case. I was and continue to be most thankful. He is determined to do his best and is tenacious as he progresses toward his goal of the positive resolution of my own/your case! To me his client, and to you his potential client, perhaps his most valuable trait is: DANIEL LIKES TO WIN!

– Bonnie
I met Dan Mowery in a part of life that the best is an absolute.

Personally, professionally, and even “ole Boy” when needed. I may add the conversationalist he wants to know you. Sit down and talk to this man for 90 minutes and let him do his job ” if I worry you worry” is his words of wisdom to me. He laid his all for me and today still have a relationship with Mr Mowrey and will continue to have one because one day I want to see him keep it in the fair way as good as he kept in the fair way in his world. Thanks Dan!

– Rudy
Sometimes our lives are visited by events beyond our control with disastrous impacts.

A friend who works in a law office recommended Dan Mowrey to me during one of these times. I immediately felt that Dan had genuine interest in me as a person and my situation. He was able to resolve the problems and reduce the stress to a manageable level. Dan’s experience and know-how was obvious from the start and I can’t imagine a more qualified legal counsel or a better outcome for my circumstances. I highly recommend Dan when you need the best help you can get.

– Chris K.