Ronald A Mowrey, Esq.

Ronald Mowrey has spent nearly 50 years working in the legal field. His vast array of knowledge, experience and expertise is an invaluable asset to the firm and its clients. Early in his career, he served with the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 1969 to 1973. After a short time as assistant general counsel at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, he became a public defender to sharpen his trial experience. He was appointed by the Governor in 1975 to serve as the Public Defender for the circuit that at that time included Lake City. He has served as special counsel to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustees and served as counsel for unsecured creditor committees in bankruptcy cases involving large, corporate entities. Finally, Mr. Mowrey served as a Federal Bankruptcy Trustee in his own right for 17 years.

In addition to his considerable bankruptcy experience, Mr. Mowrey has a background of participation and involvement in local government and municipal litigation matters. He has served as special counsel for the Florida Association of Counties, and has successfully litigated suits for Local Government and Special Districts including (1) suits against engineers for faulty service; (2) alleged improper and unlawful employment termination; (3) substantial contracts for public entities; (4) allegations of improper actions by County officials. He represented the County in significant environmental protection issues regarding wastewater treatment plants involving City of Tallahassee. He also represented the Department of Insurance in complicated bankruptcy and reorganization matters in and out of the state of Florida. With extensive experience in public agency law regarding Sunshine law, Public Records law, bidding, procuring, personnel, administrative and legislative matters. He served as general counsel for 20 years for the Florida Sheriffs Self Insurance Funds. His duties included liability, automobile risk, worker’s compensation health insurance with over $300,000,000 in assets while negotiating meetings with Lloyd’s of London regarding funds reinsurance. He has represented Tax Collectors, Supervisors of Elections, the Clerk of the Circuit Courts, and Property Appraiser Adjustment Boards in various litigation and transactional matters.